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Domesticity, Feminity, Social History, Domestic History, Ireland, 20th Century Ireland, Dress History, Fashion History, Irish History, Irish Dress History, Nostalgia, Memory.
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I’m Rachel Sayers an Irish Historian, Blogger, Curator and Museum Professional currently based in the North of Ireland.  I’m enthusiastic about all things historical, museums and heritage and sharing my passion for these topics with a wider audience through my work as an historian and museum worker.

My research focus on the domestic, social and dress history of Ireland and Great Britain from 1900 to 1960 with a greater emphasis on the inter-war and World War Two periods in Ireland.

My work as a blogger, historian and curator has focused on the role of Irish women in wider Irish society in the early to mid-twentieth century with a particular focus on the years between 1920-1950. I also write blog posts, articles, papers etc. on wider historical and cultural topics covering women’s history, working as a museum professional, heritage and musuem visits abroad.

Recent Publications

‘For God and Ulster!’ Political Manifestation of Irish Dress and the Ulster Volunteer Medical and Nursing Corps, 1912-1918.’ The Journal of Dress History Volume 3, Spring 2019.  

‘Aff Tae Bonnie Scotland’: Irish female holiday makers in 20th Century Scotland, The History Girls Scotland Blog, May 2019. 

‘The History of Irish Dress, 1750-1850.’ What Grandma Wore Blog, March 2019.

‘Must I wear a suit to be seen as an academic?’, The Stylish Academic, May 2019. 

‘Dress to Impress’ – Lady Ailsa’s Dressing Case, The National Trust for Scotland, May 2018.

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