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Iecker de Almeida
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Memory politics, historical theory, historiography
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Gisele Iecker de Almeida investigates the empirical and practical workings of historical commissions and other types of past-focused truth and reconciliation policies, with specific reference to Brazil. By invoking and developing themes within the philosophy of history, particularly those to do with collective memory and its manipulation, she proposes an original and interdisciplinary perspective with a particular focus on the relation between theory and practice, with the intention of informing the practice of policy-makers, by providing the necessary tools for self-reflection. The methods employed are phenomenological; the hermeneutics of discourse analysis; the philosophy of history; and theoretical reflection on restorative justice.

Ms. Iecker de Almeida is on the board of the International Network for Theory of History and is a founding member of the Latin American Network Historia Pensada. She obtained her B.A. in History from the State University of Londrina (Brazil), and holds an MPhil in Contemporary Thought from the University of Barcelona (Spain). Her current PhD research at Ghent University (Belgium) is funded by the Brazilian Federal Agency CAPES.

Recent Publications

(2018) “Un-doing Brazil’s dictatorial past.” Chapter in Mueller-Hirth & Oyola (Eds.). Time and Temporality in the Study of Transitional and Post-Conflict Societies, Routledge.

(2018) w/ Schneider, N. (2017) “The Brazilian National Truth Commission as a State-Commissioned History Project (2012-2014).” In: Bevernage & Wouters (Eds.). The Palgrave Handbook of State-Sponsored History after 1945, Palgrave.

(2017) with Bianchi, G. “Historians out and about: historical practice in contemporary Brazil.” Article in Revue Passés Futurs n.2, link.

(2014) “Futuro e História: Análise da Temporalidade Atual.” História da Historiografia, n. 15.

(2014) “Justiça de transição no Brasil: uma entrevista com Nina Schneider.” Revista Crítica Histórica, Ano 5, n. 10.

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