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Durham University
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poverty, charity, family, household, population, proto-industry, industrial revolution, living standards
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Associate Professor in Social and Economic History at Durham, UK.

PhD in History from Cambridge (2003).

MSc in Economic and Social History, Oxford (1999)

BA in History, Cambridge (1998).

Recent Publications

Land, proto-industry and population in Catalonia, c.1680-1829. An alternative transition to capitalism? (Farnham: Ashgate, 2012).

‘Adapting to new markets: the income and expenditure of a Catalan peasant family, 1686-1812’, Agricultural History Review, 66, 1 (2018)

‘Gender, life-cycle and family “strategies” among the poor: Barcelona, c.1762-1803’ (with Montserrat Carbonell), Economic History Review, 70 (2017).

“The formation of new households and social change in a single heir system: the Catalan case, 17th to 19th centuries” (co-authored with Rosa Congost and Llorenç Ferrer), in P. Pozsgai and A-L. Head-König (eds.), Inheritance practices, marriage strategies and household formation in European rural societies (Brussels: Brepols, 2012).

“Proto-industrialisation, property rights and the land market in Catalonia, 18th and early 19th centuries”, in Phillipp Schofield and Gérard Béaur (eds.), Property rights, the land market and economic change (Brussels: Brepols, 2013).

“Family and welfare in early modern Europe: a north-south comparison” in C. Briggs, S. Thompson and P. Kitson (eds.), Population, welfare and economic change in Britain, c.1270-1834: historical studies. (Woodbridge: Boydell, 2014).

“Was there an industrious revolution in Catalonia?”, Zeitschrift für Agrargeschichte und Agrarsoziologie, 59,2 (2011).

“Is it still helpful to talk about proto-industrialisation? Some suggestions from a Catalan case study”, Economic History Review, 63,4 (2010).

“Choices and constraints: marriage and inheritance in eighteenth and early nineteenth-century Catalonia”, Continuity and Change, 21,1 (2006)

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Spain, France
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France, Spain
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Capitalism, Economic History, Family, Local & Regional, Material Culture, Rural & Agrarian History, Urban History, Women