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Hear Jennifer’s Story.

Jennifer Holik is an acclaimed author, researcher, educator, empath, medium, and healer dedicated to uncovering WWII history by piecing together biographical stories of soldiers’ lives that have never been told before.  She has a rare talent for telling WWII stories in an emotive way: lending a ‘new voice’ to this period of history by shedding light on a soldier’s relationships with their loved ones, family and friends. In portraying the human side of warfare she reveals in a poignant, heartfelt, original way what it was really like to have a son, brother, best friend or spouse go off to fight this incredulous war and risk making the ultimate sacrifice for liberty and freedom. Through the research and stories, Jennifer provides healing of the past for clients and those who have already left us.

Based in Chicago, Illinois and Amstelveen, Netherlands, her unique talent and capacities bringing to life a soldier’s story by new research techniques provides a rare glimpse into a soldier’s personal life.  The facts she unravels about his web of relationships provide family members a chance to revisit their soldier’s never-told-before story and ‘personal war journey’ in a new way.  In doing so, it allows family members as footsteps researchers, to live their soldiers’ pain and glory – memorialize their stories through writing – ultimately, serving as a tribute to their sacrifice; and a testament to our great country.

Recent Publications

I have written more than 20 books since 2010 covering topics of genealogy, genealogy curriculum, World War II research across all branches, writing the family story, and researching our war dead. All my books can be found on my website under books.

Read articles I have written listed on my website.

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