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Birkbeck College, University of London
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Ancient History, Ancient imperialism, Ancient Greece, Aegean sea, Aegean islands, insularity, regionalism, Delos, ancient religion
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I am a Greek historian, working on the culture, history, and society of the ancient Greek world, from the 8th till the 2nd century BCE. My work focuses on the history of the Aegean sea and its islands, ancient and modern concepts of insularity, geography, and the environment. I am also interested in Greek historiography, and how ancient historians (including fragmentary local historians) shaped the discipline. I explore the interplay between historiography and identity at various registers (political, local, ethnic, social etc.). I have published two monographs with Oxford University Press on the history of the Aegean and its networks (The Dance of the Islands: Insularity, Networks, the Athenian Empire, and the Aegean world, 2007, and Aegean Interactions: Delos and its Networks in the Third Century, 2017), and I have co-edited a volume on networks and ancient history (Irad Malkin, Christy Constantakopoulou and Katerina Panagopoulou eds. Greek and Roman Networks in the Mediterranean, Routledge 2009). My new research focuses on the social history of ancient Greek hunting: I explore hunting as a social practice beyond the elite circle. I am interested in how gender, class, and the environment shaped attitudes to hunting.

Recent Publications


  1.  Aegean Interactions: Delos and its networks in the third century, Oxford University Press 2017.
  2. The Dance of the Islands: Insularity, Networks, the Athenian Empire and the Aegean World, Oxford, Oxford University Press 2007, Oxford Classical Monographs Series. Paperback edition, July 2010.
  3. Co-edited volume: Irad Malkin, Christy Constantakopoulou and Katerina Panagopoulou eds. Greek and Roman Networks in the Mediterranean, London and New York, Routledge 2009. Pp. xiii + 321. Paperback edition, December 2011.


  1. ‘Cycladic Archaeology and History: Some Thoughts’, in E. Angliker and J. Tully eds. Cycladic Archaeology and Research: New Approaches and Discoveries, Oxford Archaeopress 2018, ISBN 978 1 78491 809 5, v-xii.
  2. ‘The Shaping of the Past: Local History and Fourth-century Delian Reactions to Athenian Imperialism’, in A. Powell and K. Meidani eds. The Eyesore of Aigina: Anti-Athenian Attitudes in Greek, Hellenistic and Roman History, Swansea, Classical Press of Wales, 2016, 125-46.
  3. ‘Centrality and Peripherality: Insularity and the Appeal of the Religious Networks of Delos and Samothrace in the Classical and Hellenistic Periods’, in Reinhard von Bendemann, Annette Gerstenberg, Nikolas Jaspert and Sebastian Kolditz eds. Constructions of Mediterranean Insularities, Mittelmeerstudien, Fink and Schöningh, 2016, 75-93.
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  6. ‘Semonides of Samos or of Amorgos? The Archaeology of the Samians and the Question of the Archaic Colonization of Amorgos Reconsidered’, in G. Bonnin and E. Le Quéré eds. Pouvoirs, îles et mer. Formes et modalités del’hégémonie dans les Cyclades antiques (VIIe s. a.C.-IIIe s. p.C.), Bordeaux 2014, 257-68.
  7. ‘Tribute, the Athenian Empire and Small States and Communities in the Aegean’, in A. Slawisch (ed.), Handels- und Finanzgebaren in der Ägäis im 5. Jh. v. Chr., Trade and finance in the fifth century BC Aegean world, BYZAS 18 German Archaeological Institute, Istanbul, 2013, 25-42.



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