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colonial, postcolonial, India, criminality, law, empire
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My research interests lie broadly in late nineteenth and twentieth century South Asian history, especially the decades around independence and Partition in 1947. My work explores the transition to independence in India through the lens of law, criminality and the relationship between the state and certain marginalized and criminalized groups.

My doctoral dissertation and current book project trace the repeal of the Criminal Tribes Act (enacted 1871, repealed 1952) in early postcolonial India.

Recent Publications

Dakxin Bajrange, Sarah Gandee, William Gould, ‘Settling the Citizen, Settling the Nomad: “Habitual Offenders”, Rebellion and Civic Consciousness in Western India, 1938-1952.’ Modern Asian Studies (forthcoming)

Sarah Gandee, ‘Criminalizing the Criminal Tribe: Partition, Borders and the State in India’s Punjab, 1947-55.’ Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East 38.3 (2018): 557-72

Sarah Gandee, ‘Negotiating Caste, Tribe and Disadvantage: The Vimukat Jatis (Ex-Criminal Tribes) and Reservations in Postcolonial Punjab, 1947-2000.’ SOAS South Asia Institute Working Paper Series 2.1 (2017): 1-15

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