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Agnes Katalin
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Central European University
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social history, Jewish Studies, Central European history, emigration, history of universities
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Ágnes Katalin Kelemen is a Ph.D. candidate in comparative history at the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest. Her dissertation investigates Hungarian Jewish student migration in interwar Europe, provoked by Hungarian academic antisemitism, particularly by the discriminatory “numerus clausus” law. She has edited a source publication (a diary written by a Jew in Nazi-occupied Budapest in 1944-45), authored two book chapters and published several peer reviewed articles in Hungary, Italy and the Czech Republic. Her main research interests are East Central European Jewry and social history with a focus on the connection of higher education and social mobility.


Recent Publications


  • Agnes Katalin Kelemen. “Migration and Exile: Hungarian Medical Students in Vienna and Prague, 1920-1938”, Az emberi sors és a történelem kereszteződésében -Tanulmánykötet Frank Tibor 70. születésnapjára/At the crossroads of human fate and history -Studies in honour of Tibor Frank on his 70th birthday. Edited by János Kenyeres, Miklós Lojkó, Tamás Magyarics, Éva Eszter Szabó. Budapest: Eötvös Loránd University, School of English and American Studies, 2018: 222-241.


  • Agnes Kelemen. “New approaches to the history of the Jews under Communism,” Judaica Bohemiae 52:2,123-126. 2017 Kelemen, Ágnes Katalin. “ A zsidó önazonosság és szolidaritás kérdései Erdélyben az első világháború után ( Questions of Jewish identity and solidarity in Transylvania after the First World War, ” Múltunk, 62:4, 137-159. 2017 Ágnes Katalin Kelemen. “Cedaka az Olaszországban tanuló numerus clausus száműzöttekért (Tzedakah for the exiles of the numerus clausus studying in Italy),” Yerusha- Online Journal of Judaism and Cultural Anthropology. (Accessed: May 9, 2018). 2017 Agnes Katalin Kelemen. “Zionists in interwar Czechoslovakia: minority nationalism and the politics of belonging,” European Review of History: Revue européenne d’histoire, 24:4, 657-658.
  • Ágnes Katalin Kelemen. “A numerus clausus száműzöttjei. Magyar
    orvostanhallgatók külföldön (The Exiles of the Numerus Clausus. Hungarian
    Medical Students Abroad),” Szombat, 29:1, 9-12.
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Hungary, Austria, Germany, Italy,
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