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University of Louvain (UCLouvain)
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legal history, legal linguistics, gender
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Caroline is a lecturer and research fellow (FNRS) at the University of Louvain (B) and an affiliated researcher at both the Ghent Legal History Institute (B) and the Bonn Centre for Dependency and Slavery Studies (D), where she also held a Heinz Heinen Fellowship in 2019-2021. She is a visiting Fellow at the Centre for Advanced Studies in Oslo (N) in 2021-22.
Caroline holds graduate and post-graduate degrees in law and in linguistics/translation studies from the Universities of Cambridge and Birmingham and a PhD in legal history from the University of Ghent. Her research activities as a university researcher (University Durham, Free University Brussels, University Ghent, University Bonn, University Louvain) and her work as a legal expert and specialist consultant for EU and international agencies, have taken her across a number of fields. Today her interdisciplinary research lies at the intersection of history, law and language, applying linguistic analysis to study legal history and concepts, comparative law and translation. She has particular interests in gender studies and in the late medieval/early modern period.

Recent Publications

Corpus Linguistics: the digital tool kit for analysing language and the law, (2022) Comparative Legal History.

Law, Language and Change. A Diachronic Semantic Analysis of Consideration in the Common Law, (2020) Leiden: Brill.

Medieval Women in the Très Ancien Coutumier de Normandie. Textual Representation of Asymmetrical Dependencies, (series eds.) A. AL Ghouz, J. Bischoff, S. Dusend (2020) Joseph C. Miller Memorial Lecture Series, vol. 3, Berlin: EB-Verlag.

Environmental Law: Lexical Semantics in the Quest for Conceptual Foundations, (eds.) Stoett, Lamalle (2022 in print) Representations and Rights of the Environment, Cambridge: CUP.

Big data linguistic analysis of legal texts – objectivity debunked?, (eds.) G.V. Rosas, J.L. Fabra-Zamora (2022 in print) Objectivity in Jurisprudence, Legal Interpretation and Practical Reasoning, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Women in the Sachsenspiegel: Gender and Asymmetrical Dependencies, (eds.) J. Bischoff, S. Conermann, M. Gymnich (forthcoming 2023) Naming, Defining, Phrasing Strong Asymmetrical Dependencies: A Textual Approach, Dependencies and Slavery Studies Series, Berlin: De Gruyter.

Hobbes and the Common Law, (eds.) Kinneging, Colette, De Hert (2019) De ik-gerichtheid van de politieke filosofie, Eindhoven: Damon, 208-231.

La libre circulation des peuples: les terres flamandes en Angleterre (XIe – XIIe siècle), Revue du Nord, tome 101, no. 429, janvier – mars 2019, 190-192.

Le Law French, un idiome protégeant les privilèges du monde des juristes anglais entre 1250 et 1731, (2018) Corela: Cognition, Representation, Langage,

Losing Touch with the Common Tongues – the story of law French, (2016) International Journal of Legal Discourse 1(1): 169-192.

Translators and Comparatists as Objective Mediators between Cultures, (eds.) Husa, Van Hoecke (2013) Objectivity in Law and Legal Reasoning, Oxford: Hart Publishing, 213-227.

Translating the Law, (2012) Rechtgeleerd Magazijn Themis, 173(6), 267-278.

Law and Translation – Special Issue, guest editor: C. Laske, (2012) Rechtgeleerd Magazijn Themis, 173(6).

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