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Maria Esther
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University of Texas at Austin
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Black women, freedom fighters, freedom seekers, Underground Railroad, freedom destinations in North America, US chattel slavery, Mexican Abolition, AfroMexico, Black life, experience & legacy, journeys to freedom, self liberation
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I research Black Women’s histories, specifically the experiences & journeys of freedom fighters across the transnational shared spaces of the United States and México. I study US chattel slavery, freedom & resistance in border regions, from Texas to California, and trace aboliton & anti-slavery processes in México.
My broader dissertation aims to reconceptualize the Underground Railroad in North America.

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México; United States
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Atlantic, Latin America, North America, United States
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18th century, 19th century
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American Revolution, Emancipation, Gender, Migration & Immigration, Public History, Race, Rebellion & Revolution, Slavery, Women