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University of Queensland
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Late Antiquity, Mediterranean History, Ancient History, Greece
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I am an ancient historian at the University of Queensland. I can be contacted by email.

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Dr. Amelia R. Brown is Senior Lecturer in Greek History and Language in the Classics and Ancient History discipline of the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry at the University of Queensland, Australia. She is currently researching the cults of ancient Greek seafarers with a DECRA award from the Australian Research Council. Her monograph Corinth in Late Antiquity: A Greek, Roman & Christian City was published by IB Tauris (London) in 2018. She received her PhD in 2008 from University of California at Berkeley in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology. Her 1999 AB with High Honours was received in History, Hellenic Studies and Visual Arts from Princeton University, where she also held the postdoctoral Hannah Seeger Davis Fellowship in Hellenic Studies in 2009. She has published numerous articles on Greek culture and Late Antiquity, especially late Roman sculpture from Corinth. With Bronwen Neil, she is co-editor of Byzantine Culture in Translation, ByzAus 21 (Leiden: Brill, 2017). She is currently the Secretary of the Australasian Association for Byzantine Studies. Her research interests include ancient sculpture, Greek religion and the ancient heritage of the port cities of the Mediterranean.

Recent Publications

Brown, A.R. 2018. Late Antique Corinth: A Greek, Roman & Christian City. London: IB Tauris.

Brown, A.R. & Smith, R. forthcoming. ‘The Influence of Mariners on Sanctuaries of Aphrodite in Magna Graecia,’ in B.J. Collins & S. Blakely Religious Convergence in the Ancient             Mediterranean. Studies in Ancient Mediterranean Religions 2. Atlanta: Lockwood Press.

Brown, A.R. & Neil, B., eds. 2017. Byzantine Culture in Translation. Byzantina Australiensia 21. Leiden: Brill.

Brown, A.R. 2016. ‘Corinth,’ in R.R.R. Smith & B. Ward-Perkins, eds. The Last Statues of Antiquity. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 174-189.

Brown, A.R. 2016. ‘Crosses, Noses, Walls, and Wells: Christianity and the Fate of Sculpture in Late Antique Corinth,’ in T.M. Kristensen & L. Stirling, eds. The Afterlife of Greek and Roman    Sculpture: Late Antique Responses and Practices. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, pp. 150-176.

Brown, A.R. 2013. ‘Remembering Thermopylae and the Persian Wars in Antiquity,’ in M. Trundle & C. Matthews, eds. Beyond the Hot Gates: New Perspectives on the Battle of Thermopylae.             Barnsley: Pen and Sword, pp. 100-116.

Brown, A.R. 2013. ‘Psalmody and Socrates: Female Literacy in the Byzantine Empire,’ in B. Neil & L. Garland, eds., Questions of Gender in Byzantine Society. Farnham: Ashgate, pp. 57-76.

Brown, A.R. 2012. ‘Last Men Standing: Chlamydatus Portraits and Public Life in Late Antique Corinth,’ Hesperia 81: 141-176.

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