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South Asian history, World history, Asian American History, South Asian Diaspora
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I am an historian of colonial South Asia. I seek to de-centralize the British gaze of India and attribute various images of India as exotic, religious, philosophical, depotic, desperately poor, unclean and so one; to the specific people and nations which created such images, eschewing in the process, the generalized idea that there was a ‘European’ notion of India. Having published my first monograph on the topic of the French construction of India, I am now looking at the various and often conflicting images created by nations like France, England and the United States, by looking at how India was represented in the grand exhibitions of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

I also have research interests in the South Asian diaspora and Asian American history, having taught and done research on these subjects as well.

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Claiming India: French Scholars and the Preoccupation with India in the Nineteenth Century. Sage-Yoda Publications, 2017.

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