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Whitman College
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ancient history, Classics, Roman imperialism, Roman Republic, Hellenistic period, international relations
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Rome, Global Dreams, & the International Origins of an Empire. forthcoming. Brill, Impact of Empire series.

2019. “Weaving a Map of ‘Global’ Empire: Second-Century BCE Origins of Mediterraneanism.” Mediterranean Studies 27.1: 1-35.

2014. “Beginnings and Endings: 146 BCE as an Imperial Moment, from Polybius to Sallust.” in R. Rita Marchese and F. Tutrone (eds.). Evil, Progress, and Fall: Moral Readings of Time and Cultural Development in Roman Literature. EPEKEINA vol. 4, n. 1-2, pp. 177-218. (

2013. “Carthage, Corinth, and 146 BCE: Shifting Paradigms of Roman Imperium.” Ancient Borderlands International Graduate Student Conference (2010), Beyond Borders: Ancient Societies and their Conceptual Frontiers. University of California, Santa Barbara, California. (

2011. “An Augustan Period Altar at Carthage: Freedman Status and Roman Provincial Identity.” in S. Morton and D. Butler (eds.). It’s Good to Be King – The Archaeology of Power & Authority. 41st (2008) Annual Chacmool Archaeological Conference, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Calgary: Chacmool Archaeological Association, The Department of Archaeology, University of Calgary, pp. 213-224.

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Art & Architectural History, Diplomacy, Literary History, Material Culture