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Arizona State University
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history of science, paleoanthropology, anthropology
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Paige Madison is a PhD Candidate at Arizona State University, studying the history of science, focusing on paleoanthropology. Her dissertation research examines three controversial fossils: the first Neanderthal (1856), the first Australopithecine (1924), and the original Homo floresiensis (2003). By comparing these three episodes, separated by vast stretches of space and time, Paige explores the ways fossils occasionally disrupt scientific consensus and instigate new ideas about human evolution. Her work situates these fossil discoveries within imperial history, as well as European, South African, and Indonesian history more broadly.

Recent Publications

“The Most Brutal of Human Skulls: Measuring and Knowing the First Neanderthal.” The British Journal for the History of Science 2016, 49, no. 3: 411–432 doi: 10.1017/S0007087416000650

“The Forgotten Fossil: The Wild Homo calpicus of Gibraltar.” Endeavour 2016, 40, no. 4: 268–270 doi: 10.1016/j.endeavour.2016.09.005

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Europe, South Africa, Indonesia
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Africa, Southeast Asia, United Kingdom
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