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Oklahoma State University
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Medieval, Middle Ages, Religion, Franciscan, popes, Mediterranean, patronage, saints, reform
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I’m a medieval historian with a passion for religious history, manuscripts, and a good story. I believe in the power of the material world to shape how we see the past – architecture, artifacts and art. I spent years living in and backpacking around Europe while getting my PhD from the University of St Andrews, and am now Associate Professor of History at Oklahoma State University. My research has taken me to a wide range of archives, including some of the most extensive archives in western Europe such as the Vatican Secret Archives and Bibliotheque Nationale in France, and small regional and diocesan archives in the foothills of the Pyrenees. I have been fortunate to win teaching awards, and to share my love of travel with students on several study abroad trips.

Recent Publications

“Reconsidering reputation through patronage: Cardinal Napoleone Orsini & Angelo Clareno at the Avignonese papal court” Journal of Medieval History 39:3 (2013) 357-375.

“Heresy, Doubt and Identity: late medieval friars in the kingdom of Aragon” The Church and Doubt, Studies in Church History 52 (2016), 135-149.

“Memorializing identity: the foundation and reform of San Lorenzo in Panisperna” Franciscan Studies 75 (2017), 467-495.

“Networks of dissent and the Franciscans of the Crown of Aragon” in Damian Smith, ed., The Friars and their Influence in Medieval Spain (Amsterdam University Press, 2018). Forthcoming.


Book project, Princes, popes and heretics: the Spiritual Franciscans and medieval patronage networks

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Italy, France, Spain, Western Mediterranean
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