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Smith Cox
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
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American Civil War, Public History, Material Culture, 19th Century, Civil War Uniforms, United Daughters of the Confederacy, United Confederate Veterans, Grand Army of the Republic, Woman's Relief Corps., Politics, Women, Race, Southern History.
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Shae Smith Cox is a recent PhD graduate from the UNLV History Department. She earned her M.A. in American History from Oklahoma State University in 2013. She studies the American Civil War with an emphasis on material culture and memory and is minoring in Public History under the direction of Dr. Michael Green. Examining the influence of Civil War uniforms on society, her dissertation is tentatively titled “The Fabric of Civil War Society: The Effect of Uniforms, Badges, and Flags, 1861 to 1939.” Shae argues that uniforms and flags were key to identity formation and that these material objects shaped economics, politics, and the identity/memory of the Civil War for the United States.

Shae is the recipient of UNLV’s Spring 2018 Summer Doctoral Research Fellowship, the History Department’s Outstanding Doctoral Student Award, and the John Pine Memorial Award for the National Phi Alpha Theta Organization. She is a member of the Society of Civil War Historians Graduate Connection Committee. Shae is the former  Deputy Director for the nonprofit organization Preserve Nevada and is the local student representative and assistant coordinator for the 2019 Local Arrangements Committee for the Western History Association.

Recent Publications

Publication in Progress for Collected Volumes

“Manufactured Identity: The Recreation of Memory, Identity, and Southern Sectionalism through Civil War Uniforms, 1865-1920s,” in Buying and Selling the Civil War, editors James Marten and Caroline E. Janney, 2020.

Book Review

Robert M. Sandow, ed., Contested Loyalty: Debates Over Patriotism in the Civil War North (New York: Fordham University Press, 2018), H-net, May 2019.

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United States of America
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United States
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18th century, 19th century
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American Civil War, American Founding Era, Gender, Material Culture, Military, Museums, Politics, Public History, Race, Slavery, Women