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I am an art and cultural historian specializing in twentieth century Europe and the United States. I have particular expertise on the cultural history of the USSR and the post-Soviet states. I also write cultural criticism on topics related to global contemporary art.

Recent Publications

Кантор, Золотухин, Лученто и др. [Kantor, Zolotukhin Lucento et al.], “Ревизия советского искусства: здесь и сейчас? [A Revision of Soviet Art: Here and Now?], Artguide, 24 January 2018

“Care Outside the Comfort Zone: Maternal Aesthetics, Katrin Nenasheva, and the New Politics of Performance Art in Russia,” Performance Research 22:4 (7 November 2017): 79-88.

Book Review, Aesthetic Revolutions and Twentieth Century Avant-Garde Movements, H-Russia, 10 August 2017

Exhibition Review, “Hyperrealism: When Reality Becomes an Illusion,” CAA.Reviews, 16 November 2016

Дьяконов, Лученто, Плунгян и др. [Diaconov, Lucento, Plungian et al.], “Соцреализм: исследовательские перспективы и тупики [Sotsrealism: Research Perspectives and Dead Ends], Tatlin News 2:89:156 (2016), 677-703.

“Погоня за счастьем: как представляли себе социализм афроамериканские художники в США 1930-х годов? [In Pursuit of Happiness: How Did African American Artists Interpret Socialism in the USA in the 1930s?], Разногласия [Differences] No. 1, 25 February 2016

Exhibition Review, “Special Fund, 1937-1939,” National Art Museum of Ukraine, CAA.Reviews, 21 January 2016

“The Conflicted Origins of Soviet Visual Media: Painting, Photography, and Communication in Russia, 1925-1932,” Cahiers du Monde russe, 56/2-3, Avril-septembre 2015: 401-428.

 Book Review, Aksenov and the Environs, Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema, Fall 2013: 353-354.

“Живопись, материя, пространство: Давид Штеренберг и визуальная новация в молодой советской России” [Painting, Matter, Space: David Shterenberg and Visual Innovation in Early Soviet Russia], in Пространство ВХУТЕМАС: Наследие. Традиции. Новации: материалы Всероссийской научной конференции (Moscow: State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Art, 2010): 134.

“Evolution and Homogenic Love in C.R. Ashbee’s Guild of Handicraft,” Design in the Age of Darwin, eds. Stephen Eisenman and Corinne Granhof (Evanston: Northwestern University Press, 2008): 51-59.


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