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women and gender, women and the professions, women artists, American imperialism, Christian missions, Philippines, history of nursing, American art, memory, archives
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Laura R. Prieto (B.A., Wellesley College; A.M., Ph.D., Brown University) is currently Visiting Professor and Research Associate in the Women’s Studies in Religion Program at the Harvard Divinity School (2017-2018). Her regular academic appointment is Professor of History and of Women’s and Gender Studies at Simmons College in Boston. At Simmons, she was Chair of the History Department (2011-2016) and for ten years previously, co-director of the graduate program in Archives and History. She teaches a wide range of courses in American history, gender history, and methodology. Harvard University Press published her book, At Home in the Studio: The Professionalization of Women Artists in America, in 2001.

Her ongoing research pays particular attention to visual culture in analyzing gender, race, and imperialism during the era of the Spanish-American War. Her book manuscript in progress, “Bibles and Butterfly Sleeves: Women and Protestant Missions in the Philippines, 1898-1939,” traces how the women’s missionary movement played out in the archipelago during the era of American colonization.

Prieto also created an online project on nineteenth-century women sculptors, abolition, and women’s rights for Women and Social Movements in the United States, and serves as a contributor to WASM’s biographical dictionary of women suffragists. She is co-editing an anthology on gender, sexuality and race in the Atlantic world for the University of South Carolina Press, and is completing a survey of American women’s history for Facts on File. She has reviewed many books for academic journals and worked as a freelance editor, copywriter, and researcher. She held the Ruth R. and Alyson R. Miller Fellowship at the Massachusetts Historical Society in 2010-2011, and served as the Vice-President and President of the New England Historical Association in 2008-2009 and 2009-2010, respectively.

Recent Publications

“Dazzling Visions: American Women, Race, and the Imperialist Origins of Modern Nursing in Cuba, 1898-1916,” Nursing History Review (January 2018).

“‘New Women,’ American imperialism and Filipina nationalism: The politics of dress in Philippine mission stations, 1898-1940.”  In Women in Transnational History: Connecting the Local and the Global. Clare Midgley, Alison Twells, and Julie Carlier, eds. NY: Routledge, 2016.

“Bibles, Baseball, and Butterfly Sleeves: Filipina Women and American Protestant Missions, 1900-1930.” In Paradoxes of Domesticity: Christian Missionaries and Women in Asia and the Pacific. Hyaeweol Choi and Margaret Jolly, eds. Canberra: Australia National University Press, 2014.

“‘A Delicate Subject’: Clemencia López, Civilized Womanhood, and the Politics of Anti-Imperialism,” Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (April 2013).

“‘Stepmother America’: The Woman’s Board of Missions in the Philippines.” In Competing Kingdoms: Women, Nation, Mission and American Empire. Barbara Reeves-Ellington, Kathryn Kish Sklar, and Connie A. Shema, eds. Durham NC: Duke University Press, 2010.

At Home in the Studio: The Professionalization of Women Artists in America. Cambridge MA: Harvard University Press, 2001.

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