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Mosleth King
University of Bristol
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Egyptology, Classics, Coptic, Greek, philology, gender, iconography
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I am a doctoral candidate in Classics and Ancient History at the University of Bristol, researching funerary stelae and identity in Roman Egypt. I have previously completed a BA and MA in Egyptology at the University of Liverpool.


My PhD research centres on Egyptian funerary stelae from the Roman period, using the site of Terenouthis/Kom Abou Billou as a case study; my thesis explores how the epigraphy and iconography are used to construct and express the gender, religious identity and ethnic identity of the deceased.


My research interests are diverse and include ancient Egyptian language and literature, cross-cultural contact in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean, Hellenism and Greek language in Egypt and the Near East, Coptic literature, early Christianity, and reception studies.


My linguistic competence is broad and includes Egyptian hieroglyphs, Coptic, Classical Greek, Latin, Biblical Hebrew, Phoenician and Classical Arabic.


I have several years’ experience teaching Egyptian hieroglyphs to adult learners at all levels, both in a classroom setting and on the online platform Zoom. My linguistic skills are broad and include Egyptian hieroglyphs, Coptic, Classical Greek, Latin, Biblical Hebrew, Phoenician and Classical Arabic.

Recent Publications
  • 2022 (forthcoming). Aleister Crowley’s Egypt: the Stele of Revealing. Alternative Egyptology: Papers in Honour of Willem van Haarlem (edited by Ben van den Brecken)
  • 2022 (forthcoming). Ancient Astronauts and Sumerian Aliens: The Fourth Kind as a Pseudo-Archaeological Narrative. Rosetta Vol. 26
  • 2020. Egyptian Fairy Tales. Emotions in Antiquity and Ancient Egypt (edited by Marina Prusac-Lindhagen): 77–83
  • 2019. A Biblical Prophecy and the Armour of Horus: The Myth of Horus and Seth in Tomb Raider The Last Revelation. Journal of History and Cultures Vol. 10: The Reception of Ancient Egypt. Interdisciplinary Readings of Egypt’s Myth and Magic: 143–64
  • 2018. The Christians of Terenouthis: A Modern Myth. Göttinger Miszellen Vol. 256: 107-1
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Art & Architectural History, Children & Youth, Gender, Material Culture, Race, Religion, Sexuality, Women