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Cardiff University
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Eastern Europe, British, religious
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I am Professor of Modern History at Cardiff University, where I teach a mix of British, Central and Eastern European history. My best-known books are Czechoslovakia: The State that Failed (Yale University Press) and Catholic Devotion in Victorian England (Oxford University Press). I founded and direct the Central and East European Research Centre at Cardiff University and set up the Czechoslovak Special Collection. I am currently writing a book for Yale University Press on Christianity behind the Iron Curtain. I have also begun work on two further projects: Bible-Smuggling behind the Iron Curtain and Reconsidering the Czechoslovak Political Trials.

Recent Publications

Mary Heimann, ‘Victorian Piety and the Revival of Material Religion in Britain’ in P.J. Margry, ed., Material Change: The Impact of Reform  and Modernity on Material Religion in North-West Europe, 1780-1920 (Leuven University Press, 2022)

Mary Heimann, ‘Czechoslovakia, Czecho-Slovakia and the Munich Crisis’ in J. Gottlieb, D. Hucker and R. Toye, eds., The Munich Crisis, Politics and the People: International, Transnational and Comparative Perspectives (Manchester University Press, 2021)

Mary Heimann, ‘The Mindszenty Affair and the US Embassy in Budapest’ in R. Pastor-Castro and M. Thomas, eds., Embassies in Crisis: Studies of Diplomatic Missions in Testing Situations (Routledge, 2020)

Mary Heimann, Československo: stát, který zklamal (Petrkov, 2020).

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Czechoslovakia, England, Hungary, Poland, Romania
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British Isles, Eastern Europe, England, United Kingdom, Western Europe
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18th century, 19th century, 20th century, 21st century
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Diplomacy, Genocide, Holocaust & Nazi Persecution, Human Rights, Material Culture, Migration & Immigration, Religion