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Ferree Womack
Emory University, Candler School of Theology
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Deanna Ferree Womack is Assistant Professor of the History of Religions and Multifaith Relations at Emory University’s Candler School of Theology. Womack’s research combines commitments to interreligious understanding, Christian-Muslim dialogue, and American-Arab relations. Her first book, Protestants, Gender and the Arab Renaissance in Late Ottoman Syria (Edinburgh University Press 2019), explores encounters between American missionaries and Arab residents of Syria and Lebanon in the pre-World War I period. In particular, it uncovers the history of Syrian women writers and preachers who navigated cultural and religious boundaries in their experiences with missionaries. Womack’s second book, Neighbors: Christians and Muslims Building Community (Westminster John Knox Press, 2020) examines the history of Christian-Muslim relations and the practices of interreligious dialogue in the United States today. Her current research focuses on themes of gender and violence in American Protestant discourses on Islam.

Recent Publications

Protestants, Gender and the Arab Renaissance in Late Ottoman Syria. Edinburgh University Press, 2019.

Neighbors: Christians and Muslims Building Community. Westminster John Knox Press, 2020.

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Colonialism, Gender, Religion, Women