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University of Oldenburg, Germany
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Economic History, Quakers, Trade, Institutions, Religion, Women & Economic Development, Religion, Early Modern England, Atlantic History
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Economic Historian of the Early Modern Atlantic. Having graduated from the LSE in 2016, I am presently a post doctoral fellow in the History Department at the University of Oldenburg, Germany. My research interests include the institutional foundations of long-distance trade, Quaker merchants, women’s Economic History, and the European Marriage Pattern.

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Sahle, Esther. “Quakers, coercion, and pre‐modern growth: why Friends’ formal institutions for contract enforcement did not matter for early modern trade expansion.” The Economic History Review 71.2 (2018): 418-436.

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Atlantic, British Isles, England, North America, United Kingdom, Western Europe
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17th century, 18th century, Early Modern
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Capitalism, Economic History, Gender, Law, Religion, Women