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Royal Holloway University of London
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Italo-Normans, medieval Sicily/Italy, queenship, gender, identity, Mediterranean interchanges, Christian-Muslim interaction, crusades, cultural history, religious history, medieval fiction
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My thesis looked at the role played by Norman Sicily in the Crusades and crusading, c.1060-1198. This considered the role of identity and perception in shaping subsequent accounts of Italo-Norman involvement in the Latin Near East. But I admit the focus was upon men in this study.

Far too often women, including queens, have been largely ignored in even recent histories of Italo-Norman Sicily. When they do get mentioned it is usually only in passing, thereby (perhaps unwittingly?) reinforcing the perception that medieval women were marginal to the main discourse of history. My current work is focused upon challenging this view.

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Recalcitrant Crusaders? The relationship between Southern Italy and Sicily, Crusading and the Crusader States, c. 1060-1198 (Routledge: London, 2020)

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Diplomacy, Gender, Material Culture, Politics, Religion, Women