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Technion Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning
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Architecture, Urbanism, Housing, Isreal-Palestine, Plantation, Nation-building, Citizenship, Protest movement, Design theory, Avant-guard
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Architect Dr. Yael Allweil is an architectural and urban historian and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion IIT in Israel. Her research focus involves the history of housing in Israel and Palestine, and the history of struggles over urban public spaces. Her book, ‘Home-Land: Zionism as Housing Regime, 1860-2011’ appeared from Routledge’s ‘Planning,History and Environment’ Series in 2017.  Among her publications on housing history are articles in Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review, International Journal of Islamic Architecture, and Urban Studies. Her papers on public spaces and the city appeared in CITY. She holds a Ph.D. in architectural history from the University of California at Berkeley (2011), followed by a Post-Doctoral tenure at the Harry S. Truman Institute, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2012-13), where she is an Associate Fellow. She holds B.Arch. (2000) and M.Sc. (2006) from the Technion.

Recent Publications

Allweil, Y., Home-Land: Zionism as Housing Regime, 1860–2011, Routledge: London. 2017.

Allweil, Y., “Experimental Architecture for Homeless Self-Housing”, in JAE 72:1. 2017.

Allweil, Y., “They Kill, We Build: West Bank Settlements, Housing Neoliberalization and Zionist Housing Ethos Transformation from Shelter to Violence”, in Footprint, 10:2. 13-36, 2017.

Allweil, Y., “Plantation: Modern-vernacular Housing and Settlement in Ottoman Palestine, 1858-1918,” in Architecture Beyond Europe (ABE), 9-10. Pp. 1-25. 2016.

Allweil, Y., “Tent: Uncanny Architecture of Agonism for Israel/Palestine 1910-2011”, in Urban Studies. First published December 1, 2016.

Allweil, Y., “Anarchist City? Patrick Geddes’ 1925 Anarchist Housing-Based Plan for Tel Aviv, and the Housing Protests of 2011 and Beyond” in Springer, S., White, R. J., and Sauza, M., eds. Transgressing Frontiers: Anarchism, Geography, and the Spirit of Revolt, New York and London: 2016.

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