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Late Byzantine Greece, Last Palaiologoi, Venetian colonization, Venetian stato da mar, Venetian Greece, Medieval Greece
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Washington, DC

Recent Publications

“The Kladas Affair and Venetian-Ottoman Diplomatic Relations”
Studi Veneziani 53 (2013) 157-182.

The Greek Correspondence of Bartolomeo Minio
Vol. 2: Dispacci from Crete, 1500-1502
[with John Melville-Jones]
Archivio del Litorale Adriatico, Padua. 2014

“To temporize with dexterity, waiting the benefit of time: Four letters from Giovanni Dario at the Court of Beyazid II,”
The Turkish Studies Association Journal 29:1-2 (2005-2013) 1-32.

“The Fair of Agios Demetrios of 26 October 1449: Byzantine-Venetian Relations and Land Issues in Mid-Century,”
Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, 2013: 63-80.

“The Brides of 1420: Men Looking at Women’s Bodies
Questions of Gender in Byzantine Society,
Australian Association of Byzantine Studies, 2012: 134-152.

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Medieval, Pre-17th century
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Colonialism, Family, Local & Regional, Slavery