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Dr. Michelle M.
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Independent Scholar and Museum Consultant
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United States History 1500-1925, Women's History, Indigenous History, Interracial Marriage, U.S. West, Suffrage, Social History, Cultural History, Public Memory, Public history, Museum Studies
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Dr. Michelle M. Martin earner her PhD in history at the University of New Mexico. She specializes in the history of interracial families and the creation of interracial and communities of color in the American West from 1800-1925. Michelle is an American social and cultural historian with a background in American history, the United States West, Indigenous history, women’s history, and museum studies. Her work centers the history of the Indian Territory (present day Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma) in the broader American historical narrative and probes the intersections of gender, race, and ethnicity in the Indian Territory from 1800-1925. Michelle has been a practicing public historian for over twenty years and has worked in the television and film industry. She also uses her research skills to help create first person living history interpretive programs for state and local historic sites and National Park Service units in the central plains.

Recent Publications

“How A Difficult Diary Became My Dissertation”


“A Flag, a Dinner Bell, and a Hand Dug Well”


“Asenath’s Fiery Pen: A Woman Responds to Political Violence in Bleeding Kansas:

Asenath’s Fiery Pen

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United States
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American Civil War, American Founding Era, Colonialism, Family, Gender, Indigenous Peoples, Local & Regional, Material Culture, Museums, Public History, Race, Slavery, Women