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University of Cantabria / University of Regensburg
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Orosius, Late Antiquity, ancient Christianity, political theology, apocalyptic writings
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Elisa Manzo is an Italian ECR, currently based in Spain. She is a ‘Margarita Salas’ Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Historical Sciences at the University of Cantabria, and an Adjunct Fellow, Beyond Canon Centre at the University of Regensburg. She specializes in ancient Christianity from a historical perspective, with a particular interest in Orosius (5th cent. CE). Orosius aside, her research interests include: Christian pilgrimages in Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages; theological and political relationships between Christians and Jews in the Roman Empire; use and interpretation of apocalyptic writings in ancient Christian sources (with a focus on the 4th and 5th cent.); contemporary and post-contemporary debates on the use of “political theology”.

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