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Colorado State University
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Chesapeake Bay; USA; Environmental History; French Caribbean; Colonialism; France
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I am an historical anthropologist, sociocultural (and applied) anthropologist, and linguistic anthropologist.

I specialize in human stratification, drawing upon mixed methods that include archival research, oral-historical field research, ethnographic research, mixed methods, and discourse analysis.

My field sites have included: France (northern, 19th century), French Guiana, Haiti, and Tangier Island in the Chesapeake Bay (USA)

Recent Publications

Articles and book in process

2020  A Time To Every Purpose: Kinship, Privilege, and Succession on a Disappearing Island. Doctoral Dissertation in Anthropology, University of Arizona.

2018   “Producing the Periphery.” In Locating Guyane, eds. Catriona MacLeod and Sarah Wood, pp. 91-104. Liverpool University Press.

2018   “Sucre Indigène and Sucre Colonial: Reconsidering the Splitting of the French National Sugar Market, 1800-1860.” Economic Anthropology 5(1): 20-31.

2014    “Droits and Frontières: Sugar and the Edge of France, 1800-1860.” Unpublished Master’s Thesis in Anthropology, University of Arizona.

2014   “Messages from my Father-in-Law: Indexing Membership and Proximity in Long-Distance Voicemails.” Language & Communication 39:24-33.

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France; USA; French Guiana; Haiti
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Atlantic, Caribbean, France, United States
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19th century, 20th century, 21st century
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Colonialism, Environment, Family, Labor, Local & Regional, Race, Science, Slavery