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Mercer University
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Environmental History, Landscape History, History of healthscaping, disease, Black Death, gender, History pedagogy
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I study the many ways land and natural resources — economic, political, religious, and social — were used from Antiquity to the late Middle Ages. I have strong related interests in ancient and medieval public “healthscaping” (how cities and buildings are structured to cultivate health) and non-traditional teaching methods at the collegiate level. I am co-editor of the volume Conservation’s Roots: Managing for Sustainability in Preindustrial Europe, ca. 1000-1700, under contract with Berghahn.

Recent Publications

Dowling, Abigail, Wright, Kathryn, and Bailey, Kristen. “Academic collaboration for experiential learning: Perspectives on using archival collections and information literacy in history education” College & Research Libraries News [Online], Volume 79 Number 6 (5 June 2018)

“All of these Things Truly Delight with Utility”: Conceptions of Ecology and Natural Resource Management in Pier de’ Crescenzi’s Liber Ruralium Commodorum.Gardens & Landscapes of Portugal 2 (May 2014): 70-77.




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