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University of Tasmania
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colonial settlement, land grants, Australian colony, GIS, maps, digital history, historical geography, environmental history, Van Diemen's Land
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Imogen (BA LLB, MA, PhD to be conferred on 10 August 2018) has recently completed her PhD at the University of Tasmania (Australia), using HGIS to uncover patterns of settlement expansion across Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) in the earliest years of it’s occupation by the British. Previously she completed her MA in Landscape History at the University of East Anglia (UK), focussing on medieval common-edge drift – the phenomenon of villages moving away from their parish church building.

Her undergraduate degree majored in History, German and Law, and since then she has been a cross-disciplinary historian. Her research uses historic maps, GIS, archaeological reports, environmental information, historic journals and datasets, and field work to uncover the stories hidden beneath our feet, left behind in the physical form of the land.

Imogen is also the co-founder of Hobart’s A Pint of History events, a tour guide, and a popular speaker at historical societies and seminars.

Recent Publications
Accepted for publication: Wegman, Imogen, ‘Casual Expansion by Land Grantees in Van Diemen’s Land’, Tasmanian Historical Studies, submitted November 2017
Wegman, Imogen, ‘Common-Edge Drift in Norfolk’, Norfolk Archaeology, XLVII (iii), 2016, pp. 356-373
Wegman, Imogen, ‘Van Diemen’s LandScapes ‘ in Globalisation, Entrepreneurship and the South Pacific: Reframing Australian Colonial Architecture, 1800-1850, Hobart, 17-18 October 2016, pp. 66-71
In development: Wegman, Imogen, ‘The soggy paths to colonial settlement’, Papers and Proceedings of the Tasmanian Historical Research Association, to be submitted April 2018
Open Access
Wegman, Imogen, ‘A home for everyone? Property ownership has been about status and wealth since our convict days’, The Conversation, 12 September 2017,
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