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nineteenth century, abolitionism, transnational history, transfer, social movements, anti-slavery movements, temperance, protest, popular politics, petitions, pressure groups, voluntary associations, mass politics, political history, cultural history, Dutch history, British history, American history
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Lecturer in Dutch history in transnational context at the Institute for History, Leiden University


Recent Publications

Association is a Mighty Engine’: Mass Organizations and the Machine Metaphor, 1825-1840’, in: Maartje Janse and Henk Te Velde, Organizing Democracy: Reflections on the Rise of Political Organizations in the 19th Century (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017).

with Henk te Velde, ‘Perspectives on Political Organizing: an Introduction’, in: Te Velde and Janse (eds), Organizing Democracy.

‘“Anti societies are now all the rage”: Jokes, Criticism and Violence in Response to the Transformation of American Reform, 1825-1835’, Journal of the Early Republic 36 (2016) 2, 247-282.

‘Transatlantic Reform’, in: Edward J. Blum ed., America in the World, 1776 to the Present: A Supplement to the Dictionary of American History (2016) Vol. 2, 1011–14.

‘“Holland as a little England”? British Anti-Slavery Missionaries and Continental Abolitionist Movements in the Mid-Nineteenth Century’, Past and Present, 229 (2015) 1, 123-160.

‘Representing Distant Victims. The Emergence of an Ethical Movement in Dutch Colonial Politics, 1840-1880’, Bijdragen en Mededelingen betreffende de Geschiedenis der Nederlanden/Low Countries Historical Review 128 (2013) 1, 53-80.

with Joost Augusteijn and Patrick Dassen, ‘Introduction: Religion and Politics’, in: Joost Augusteijn, Patrick Dassen and Maartje Janse (eds), Political Religion beyond Totalitarianism: The Sacralizalisation of Politics in the Age of Democracy (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan 2013) 1-11.

‘A Dangerous Type of Politics? Politics and Religion in Early Mass Organizations: The Anglo-American World, c. 1830’, in Augusteijn, Dassen and Janse (eds), Political Religion beyond Totalitarianism, 55-76.

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