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Bruges Public Library
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medieval manuscripts, codicology, palaeography, literature, linguistics, manuscript illumination, incunabula, Burgundian Netherlands, Cistercian manuscripts, catalography, digitisation, librarianship, exhibitions, book history
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I am a medieval manuscripts curator at the Public Library of Bruges. My expertise are Western medieval manuscripts and special collections librarianship. I have a PhD in Medieval Languages and Literature (Latin, French and English). Recurring feedback after interviews and talks: knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

Professional experience

I am since 2008 employed as medieval manuscripts specialist at the Public Library of Bruges. The collection consists of approximately 750 manuscripts, of which about 550 are medieval.

As a medieval manuscripts curator, I can indulge in in-depth research, working in silence at my desk in a bubble of manuscript bliss, but also in public outreach, sharing my passion with lay and specialist audiences alike. I particularly enjoy staging exhibitions, as it allows me to translate scholarly research into captivating narratives for wide audiences.

Ask me about: cataloguing medieval manuscripts; providing support for teaching and learning on all levels; public outreach on all levels (exhibitions, documentaries); assisting and conducting scholarly research; planning for conservation, digitisation and acquisitions.


In 2005, I earned a Master’s degree in Romance Languages and Literatures at the Catholic University of Leuven, with a focus on medieval French and Italian. In 2006, I completed a research Master’s in Medieval and Renaissance Studies taught in English at the same university, with a focus on medieval Latin, the history of universities, and medieval illumination. I moved from Leuven to Poitiers to undertake a Master’s degree in Medieval Civilisation at the Centre d’études supérieures de civilisation médiévale, an interdisciplinary research centre at the Université de Poitiers. My thesis was a critical edition of Middle English prayers and meditations by Anselm of Canterbury. My dissertation was a critical edition of the Middle English translation of the Vita Christi by Ludolph of Saxony and comprised a detailed analysis of its relationship with the Latin and Middle French sources. In 2012, it was awarded the highest grade of distinction, and congratulations of the examination committee.


In addition to my scholarly knowledge of medieval English, French, Dutch, Italian and Latin, I am fluent in modern Dutch, English, French and Italian, understand German and Spanish, and have a basic understanding of Portuguese and Turkish.

Recent Publications


E. Hauwaerts, Evelien de Wilde and Ludo Vandamme (eds), Colard Mansion: Incunabula, Prints and Manuscripts in Medieval Bruges, Ghent: Snoeck Publishers, 2018 – Main editor, and author of the Introduction, seven catalogue entries on manuscripts and incunables, and three essays:

  • ‘Mansion’s Manuscripts’, p. 92-95
  • ‘Mansion’s Métamorphose as the Printed Epitome of Aristocratic Taste in the Burgundian Low Countries, p. 198-201
  • ‘The Impact of Colard Mansion: Tradition and Innovation in Bruges in an Era of Radical Change’, p. 226-233

Contributions to edited volumes

  • E. Hauwaerts, Critical Edition of the Middle English translation of the Orationes sive Meditationes by Anselm of Canterbury (London, BL, Ms. Harley 535) – publication forthcoming, Brepols Publishers, Textes Vernaculaires Series
  • E. Hauwaerts, ‘Het dynamische karakter van het Necrologium van Ter Doest (Brugge, Openbare Bibliotheek, Ms. 395),’ in Doenja van Belleghem (ed.), De Duinenhandschriften: over de manuscripten van de cisterciënzerabdij Ten Duinen in het Grootseminarie Brugge en de Openbare bibliotheek Brugge, Brugge: Openbare Bibliotheek, 2016
  • E. Hauwaerts, ‘The Middle English Versions of Saint Anselm of Canterbury’s Prayers and Meditations,’ in G. Gasper and I. Logan (eds), Saint Anselm of Canterbury and His Legacy, (Durham Medieval and Renaissance Monographs and Essays 2), Toronto: Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, 2012, 258-275
  • E. Hauwaerts, ‘Ludolphe le Chartreux ou de Saxe, Vita Christi, XIVe s.’, in C. Galderisi and V. Agrigoraei (eds), Translations médiévales. Cinq siècles de traductions en français (XIe – XVe siècles). Étude et Répertoire. Vol. II (1 et 2): Le Corpus Transmédie: Répertoire, “purgatoire”, “enfer” et “limbes”, Brepols Publishers: Turnhout, 2011, 669-671

Journal articles

  • E. Hauwaerts, ‘De handschriften van Ten Duinen: een status quaestionis en nieuwe onderzoekspistes,’ Novi monasterii 16 (2018), 3-35
  • E. Hauwaerts, ‘We hebben een topstuk in huis! Wat nu?,’ META: tijdschrift voor bibliotheek en archief 91 (2016), 11-13
  • E. Hauwaerts and J. Boelaert, ‘The Discovery of an Early 13th Century Fragment of Gilles de Corbeil’s Carmina de urinarum iudiciis,’ De Historia Urologiae Europaeae 20 (2013), 101-113
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