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Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities, Rutgers University-Camden
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material culture, disability history, museums, public history, medical history, publishing
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I am the Public Historian at Rutgers University-Camden. I lecture and lead workshops regularly about disability history, material culture (anything made or modified by humans), museum practice, and public history practice. I am Co-Editor of The Public Historian and Digital Media Editor, both for the National Council on Public History. I am also the Director of the Continuing Education Program in Historic Preservation at Rutgers University-Camden. My editorial experience includes developmental and copy-editing of peer-reviewed journal, blogging, and social media cultural heritage content. I am dedicated to helping everyone in the history field link history practice, outreach, and learning. I am working on a book about the material culture of physical disability in early America.

Recent Publications

“‘Confined to Crutches’: James Logan and the Material Culture of Disability in Early America,” Pennsylvania Legacies, Vol. 17, No. 2 (Fall 2017): 6-11.

“An ‘effort to bring this little handicapped army in personal touch with beauty’: Democratizing Art for Crippled Children at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1919-1934,” New York History 96, 1 (Winter 2015): 38-66.

“Collecting Disability History,” UK Disability History Month 2013 series, Disability and Industrial Society: A Comparative Cultural History of British Coalfields 1780-1948, November 25, 2013,

“Object Lesson: Desire Tripp and Her Arm’s Gravestone,” Common-Place, 13, 3 (Spring 2013),

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American Revolution, American Founding Era, Art & Architectural History, Disability, Local & Regional, Material Culture, Medicine, Museums, Pedagogy, Public History, Technology