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history of public health, history of medicine, sports history, American history, 20th century history
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I am an assistant professor of public health at Muhlenberg College. I received my PhD from Columbia University, where I studied the history and ethics of public health. I also hold an MPH in epidemiology from the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health.

I am completing a book on the history of debates over the safety of youth tackle football. I have also published on sports safety and the history of medicine and public health in the New England Journal of Medicine, American Journal of Public Health, Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences, Lancet Neurology, Injury Prevention, Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport, Neurology, and the Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics.

Recent Publications

Public writing: 

Bachynski KE. Sports, politics, and the #MeToo movement. In Media Res; April 12, 2019. Available at:


Bachynski KE. #MeToo and health research ethics. The Hastings Center Bioethics Forum; March 8, 2019. Available at:


Bachynski KE. The NFL is the fox in the henhouse of football injury research. Los Angeles Times; December 3, 2018. Available at:  

Bachynski KE, Kearns L, Caplan A. A week of football injuries, from youth to the pros, shows the damage the sport can inflict. STAT News; November 21, 2018. Available at:

Bachynski KE. Unnecessary toughness: Protective gear and masculinity in hockey. Lady Science; October 3, 2018. Available at:

Bachynski KE, Turi A, Bateman-House A. Why shouldn’t kids lead the charge on gun safety? History News Network; February 27, 2018. Available at

Academic journals: 

Bachynski KE and Smoliga JM. Pseudomedicine for sports concussions in the USA. Lancet Neurology. Published online ahead of print July 3, 2019.

Bachynski KE. “The duty of their elders”: Doctors, coaches, and the framing of youth football’s health risks, 1950s-1960s. Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences 74; 2 (2019): 167-191.

Bachynski KE and Goldberg DS. Time out: NFL conflicts of interest with public health efforts to prevent TBI. Injury Prevention 24;3 (2018): 180-184.

Bachynski KE. Tolerable risks? Physicians and youth tackle football. New England Journal of Medicine 374;5 (2016): 405-407.

Bachynski KE and Goldberg DS. Youth sports & public health: Framing risks of mild traumatic brain injury in American football and ice hockey. The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 42;3 (2014): 323-333.

Bachynski KE. Playing hockey, riding motorcycles, and the ethics of protection.  American Journal of Public Health 102;12 (2012): 2214­­-2220.

Media Coverage
Joyce, Michael. “Is the NFL using the CDC to ‘manufacture doubt’ on head injuries?” Health News Review. January 31, 2018. Available at: Hruby, Patrick. “Friday Night Lights Out: The
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