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Mount Royal University
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Medieval Paris, Political and social history of late medieval France, Medieval policing, medieval bodies, gender and sexuality
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I work on late medieval Paris. My doctoral work and earliest publications were focused on the outbreak of civil war in France, c. 1404-1419. I migrated toward the history of emotions, and more recently to gender and sexuality history. A constant element of my research has remained centred on the history of late medieval Paris. I am currently funded with a SSHRC Insight Development Grant for a project entitled, Policing Late Medieval Paris, which has enabled me to lay the groundwork for a monograph that I am in the midst of completing.

The monograph  is entitled, The Mean Streets of Late Medieval Paris: Policing Bodies and Spaces in the Capital. Applying an intersectional lens, I analyze the  city from the street-level up (rather than the top down), querying the lived experience of the denizens of the city. I seek to disentangle how the embodiment of the denizens determined the manner by which their bodies were policed and controlled in the spaces of the city, how they confronted such regulations, resisted them where possible, and produced, made use of, and contested the city spaces.


Recent Publications

2018 “Defamation, A Murder More Foul? The Second Murder of Louis, Duke of Orleans (d. 1407) Reconsidered” in Medieval and Early Modern Murder, ed. Larissa Tracy, The Boydell Press: 254-280.

2017 “Passionate Politics: Emotion, Affect, and Identity Formation among the Menu Peuplein Early Fifteenth-Century France” in Affective and Emotional Economies in Medieval and Early Modern Europe, Palgrave Studies in the History of Emotions, eds. Andreea Marculescu and Charles-Louis Morand-Métivier, Palgrave: 19-50.

2017 “Knowing One’s Place: Space, Voice, and Legitimacy in Early Fifteenth-Century Paris” Medieval History Journal 20.1 (2017): 1-51.

2016 “The Politics of Grief in the Outbreak of Civil War, 1407-1413.” Speculum 91, n.2 (April, 2016): 422-452.

2012 “Winning Hearts and Minds in Early Fifteenth-Century France: Burgundian Propaganda in Perspective,” French Historical Studies 35, n.1 (2012): 1-30.

2007 Partisan Identity in the French Civil War, 1405-1418: Reconsidering the Evidence on Livery Badges.” Journal of Medieval History33 (2007): 250-274. 



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