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Medical history, disability history, deafness, hearing aids, prosthetics, deaf history, women's health, medical sexism, women's pain, medical trauma, eugenics
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Jaipreet Virdi is a historian of medicine, technology, and disability. She is an Assistant Professor at the Department of History at the University of Delaware.

Virdi’s research and teaching interests include the history of medicine, science and technology studies, the history of deafness technologies, disability history, and material/visual culture studies. She received a B.A. degree in Philosophy from York University (Toronto) and a M.A. in the History of Science from the University of Toronto. She has a Ph.D. from the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology at the University of Toronto (2014), where she completed her dissertation, “From the Hands of Quacks:” Aural Surgery, Deafness, and the Making of a Specialty in Nineteenth-Century London. She is currently completing her first book, Hearing Happiness: Fakes, Frauds, and Fads in Deafness Cures (University of Chicago Press).

Recent Publications

Canada’s Shame: The Coerced Sterilization of Indigenous Women,” New Internationalist (30 November 2018).

Phyllis M. Tookey Kerridge and the Science of Audiometric Standardization in Britain,” co-authored with Coreen McGuire, British Journal for the History of Science (March 2018).

“Prevention & Conservation: Historicizing the Stigma of Hearing Loss, 1910-1940,” Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 45.4 (2017): 531-544.

“Between Cure and Prosthetic: ‘Good Fit’ in Artificial Eardrums,” in Claire L. Jones (Ed.), Rethinking Modern Prostheses in Anglo-American Commodity Cultures, 1820-1939 (Manchester University Press), 48-69.

“The Hearing Aid’s Pursuit of Invisibility,” The Atlantic (August 4, 2016) 

“Dialogues on Disability: Social Media as Platforms for Scholarship,” Medical History58.4 (2014): 628-630.

“Priority, Piracy, and Printed Directions: James Yearsley’s Patenting of the Artificial Tympanum,” Technology & Innovation: Proceedings of the National Academy of Inventors 16.2 (2014): 145-154.

“Curtis’s Cephaloscope: Deafness and the Making of Surgical Authority in London, 1815-1845,” Bulletin of the History of Medicine87.3 (2013): 349-379.

Media Coverage
Featured in Elle India (August 2014) for special issue on STEM women; interviewed in several outlets, including the Huffington Post (8 April 2014) for work on 19th century Indian women doctors, and in student newspapers (University of Delaware, Ryerson Un
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Capitalism, Disability, Gender, Material Culture, Medicine, Science, Technology, Women